Time domain (delay) effects 04
Phasing, flanging and chorus

Level of challenge Intermediate

Welcome to this tutorial on phasing, flanging and chorus time domain (delay) effects.


Phasing, flanging and chorus use the shortest delay times of all time domain effects, typically between 1 and 30 milliseconds.


Caption - Phasing (0 - 3 ms)

At the shortest delay times of between 1 and 3 milliseconds, and when the delay is heard alongside the source signal, an effect known as Phasing may be created. By using modulation to vary the delay time, complex phase differences between the source and copied signals are created.


Because these delay times fall within the length of time associated with individual waveform harmonics, various cancellation and summing effects can be heard between the two sounds. These are more phase related effects than straightforward repeats and the effect is sometimes referred to as comb filtering.





By adding a little feedback additional resonances are created which enhance the effect.


Typical settings for phasing effects are ..

  Delay time Feedback Modulation
Width Speed
Phasing 0-3ms A little Lots Slow


Caption - Flanging (3 - 13 milliseconds)

Flanging is a more extreme and pronounced phasing effect which utilises greater amounts of feedback to create dramatic resonance effects.


Typical settings for flanging effects are ..

  Delay time Feedback Modulation
Width Speed
Flanging 3-13ms Lots Medium Medium



Caption - Chorus (13 - 30 milliseconds)

At longer delay times the chorus effect can be created. Chorus is similar to vibrato but with equal amounts of dry and effect signal mixed together. The idea is to create the effect of twoor more instruments playing together with subtle time and pitch differences.


Typical settings for chorus are ..

  Delay time Feedback Modulation
Width Speed
Chorus 13-30ms None A little Medium


Caption - Thanks for watching

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