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Sound wave theory 01

Level of challenge Easy


Welcome to this introduction to our video tutorials on sound wave theory.


An understanding of sound wave theory is essential for the project and home studio owner. There is almost no aspect of recording that doesn't require some theory knowledge. Without it you will not be able to fully understand how your equipment operates, how to acoustically treat a room, how to synthesise and edit sound, and how processes such as compression, reverberation and time domain effects work.


Caption - Tutorials for this subject

Each tutorial in this series covers one aspect of sound wave theory, building towards a complete picture of the subject. You can watch them in any order, but they have been ordered in a playlist so that each video builds on the knowledge of the previous one.


Caption - What's the required level of knowledge?

The level of knowledge was determined by asking “what does the average project or home studio owner need to know to effectively operate their studio”. So if you are an electronics engineer, you may find the theory and language too general for your needs.


Caption - How long are the tutorials?

Some tutorials in this series are brief, like this one, whilst others require longer explanations. We have tried to keep each as short as possible, but some subjects can't be split into smaller segments without fragmenting the message.


Caption - What will we learn?

During these tutorials you will learn ..


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