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FAQs frequently asked questions 

Who is behind Project Studio Handbook?

We are a free resource created by unpaid volunteers including music production and sound recording educationalists. Unlike other resources, we are not selling anything. Our videos are accompanied by ads to help us pay our hosting costs. Like you, we use the web every day to access free information. Project Studio Handbook is our way of giving something back.


Who is Project Studio Handbook for?

We aim to become the best theory reference resource for music makers and technologists who need a working understanding of theory to help them record and mix. Our videos are pitched at users of recording technology rather than those with an interest in design and manufacture.


How are the videos produced?

We film our videos in a team member's studio using affordable consumer equipment. Our videos are not unscripted off-the-cuff productions, we write the scripts carefully, and film and edit to ensure each subject is covered with clarity and without errors. Each video takes approximately four days to create. If you find an error, please share your thoughts by commenting at our YouTube channel.


How often do you publish new videos?

We no longer have a fixed schedule for producing our videos and film them whenever we have the time to do so. You can Subscribe Here to receive an automatic notification when new videos are uploaded.


Can students and teachers use the videos, images and scripts?

Oh yes! Provided you adhere to the copyright guidelines for use (shown below), you may embed the videos in your digital media, sites and publications and use the images and quote from the scripts. The more who benefit the better.


Copyright statement and referencing guidelines

All our videos, scripts and images are copyrighted. Please follow these guidelines when using them ..




The copyright in this site's design and content is owned by Project Studio Handbook and its contributors © 2013 to the present day. Unauthorised duplication, redistribution, publishing, copying, hiring, lending, broadcast and public performance of all site content for commercial gain is prohibited. Use for non-profit educational purposes is freely allowed, please reference this site.